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A-Litter - Review

Hello people!

Today I can look back on our first weeks of life.
It was for Maya, Carlotta, Mum, the fridge-opener and us an exciting time.
Of course it was for my brothers and me most excited. Finally we were forced out of mom's warm belly and had learn to see, to hear, to run, and so much more.
I think we caught it well with our breeders-mums. After the first few weeks in the litter box, and day and night forever a watchdog in our neighborhood, we were allowed to move into a giant puppy outlet. There are many toys were waiting for us and the breeder-mums still spent a lot of time with us. Delicious food what we got, so we developed too well-fed and strong puppies. When it was time, we were allowed to explore the world outside. First, the terrace and later Maya, Carlotta and mum always went with us to the forest. There it was really great.
During these weeks, the breeder-mums looked after new fridge-opener. There are many people called, but only a few were allowed to visit us. Our breeder-mums were very picky when choosing our new fridge-opener.
Fortunately! We have all found a great home. Sorry, we could not all stay with the breeder-mums. Supposedly you can no longer provide enough for so many pups at a time when they are more mobile from day to day.
I see it that way my brothers and I had already shaken up the castle. But when my brothers and I write to us, then notice I know that the breeder-mums are right. For thus alone can sit on the sofa, looking in shopping bags, bowls of the Great lick clean and much more.
Even though I miss my big brothers, I know that I will see them again.
Thank you Karin, Lisa, Andrea, Ralf, Laurin, Jörg, Ute and Kathrin that your my brothers give a great home just as I here have with the breeder-mums.
Here are some impressions of the first weeks of our life:
Thank you to the many readers who have been following our daily reports diligently. I will soon get my own page on the site and for my brothers will be set up a place, too. After all, we are The awesome 4 on Troublemaker Street and the privilege of the first litter to be under this kennel name, no one can take us. Even though it is expected to be a second litter in the beginning of 2016.
But now mum continue her show career and enjoy her life as a couch roll.

Greetings The awesome Mia Lotta on Troublemaker Street