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B-Litter - 2. Week

Tuesday, March the 29th, 2016

Hello together!
I am outraged!
The fridge-opener gave our Bonzo to the worms in the litter box.
Emil, Nilsson and Karlsson can you imagine that? On our Bonzo are now the worms.
Ugh! In addition, worms are dangerous for dogs. Now the poor Bonzo is determined ill.
If only I had an idea how I could save Bonzo. Suggestions of you I gladly by contrary mail.
Important is the indication that mum guarded the worms all the time and I therefore can not just go to save Bonzo.
Ellie und Welpen
I'm curious, what property of me is given the worms next.
Without asking me, the worms get my things.
Maybe I should sit all day tomorrow in my toy box, so they can't give them my toys.
The brush and comb the fridge-opener may like to give the worms, these things I make no value.
Ellie und Welpen

See you soon The awesome Mia Lotta on Troublemaker Street

Wednesday, March the 30th, 2016

Hello people!
My big sister is so silly.Today she sat all day on their toy box.
She really belives, that we want to play with her used toys?
My siblings and I have decided that we want new toys. Finally, we are here in the household the main characters and there should be new toys self-evident.
Mia Lotta und Welpen
Given the exposure while drinking the first of us have doubled their weight.
Snoring pins under my siblings will follow us in the next few days. Hopefully savvy soon that we have to be big and strong, so that we can prevail against Mia Lotta.
Maya, Carlotta und Welpen

See you soon The beloved Fille on Troublemaker Street

Thursday, March the 31st, 2016

Dear readers!
Today we really took off in the litter box. We have done hard work.
You want to know, what we did?
Well, we drank, slept, drank, slept, ....
Finally, we must take hard, so we can teach the flute to Mia Lotta soon.
Today the naughty took something out of our package. The content of the packet belongs to us. Unfortunately we can not show her who's the boss, but the day will come.
Today the fridge-opener began to prepare our playground, because in the next few days comes our next surprise. Mia Lotta will again believe that it is her surprise you, but she will also learn.

See you soon The beloved Stina on Troublemaker Street

Friday, April the 1st, 2016

Hello people!
This morning we were awakened by such a comical thicknesses. In our dreams we heard a strange wheeze. That did not sound after mum and when we opened the eyes, in front of our whelping box thickness.
The almost looked like mom, and probably they would also contact us licked, but that was not allowed.
Before Mama came back, the thickness, then disappeared again. I wonder whether the coming visit us again soon.
The fright with the thicknesses was apparently not enough. Then my siblings and me got even the weird colorful things wrapped our neck. This feels really strange. But mum can not remove them and the fridge-opener have no mercy on us.
Ellie und Welpen

See you soon The beloved Tommy on Troublemaker Street

Sunday, April the 3rd, 2016

Hello fans!
Now several competitions are going in the whelping box. The competition for cracking of 500g won my brother Fille. Now all waiting who, first opens the eyes. Our management is still accepted bets.
Do we have a management?
Well, if necessary you take the email address on the website and mum clears the rest.
Ellie und Welpen
Today we got a great gift. The bear is now with us in the litter box. Mia Lotta liked him soooo much, because his feet squeak. But too bad big sister, all gifts will arrive for us. After all The beloved are five on Troublemaker Street are the main characters here.
For now we come and our finest hour will still beating.
Ellie und Welpen
The preparations for our first adventure under the stars also run at full speed. Mama told that the terrace will be prepared, so that everything is tip top for our noble feet. Maya, Carlotta and Mia Lotta also fit on that everything is above board. But probably believe the three, that the terrace is prepared for them. Well, if it makes them happy, then let's not be so.
Ellie und Welpen

See you soon The beloved Fia on Troublemaker Street

Monday, April the 4th, 2016

Hello together!
Slowly small slits open our eyes, so we can see the world.
Mum helps us, that we can hear and see everything by licking us very diligently.
The milk bubbles also and now we speak together.
Ellie und Welpen
Namely stupid if we want to fifth beat us on the narrow milkbar. That's why we eat now staggered. For two or three it is in fact not so tight and you have to wait only a bit until you get it.
Okay, patience is not the strength of all in the litter box. But the advantage outweighs and thus we arrange ourselves.
Ellie und Welpen
So I hope, I can soon see everything and I no longer have to settle with the slit. Because it looks quite nice, I can see that. I wonder what keeps the great world ready for me.
Ellie und Welpen
In addition has come to our attention, that the first roommate look for an accommodation for the transition. Supposedly they are afraid that we are still here create trouble.
Trouble is a terrible word and we will certainly not cause trouble. Rather, we will have a party and of course, we also invite you, Maya and Carlotta.

See you soon The beloved Tommy on Troublemaker Street