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A-Litter - 3. Week

Saturday, 8th November 2014

Hello people!
Finally, I can see what is happening around me. Of course, everything is still a blur and I push not fully clear view yet, but compared to the other moles I can now also see the milk bar. Well, Emil can even lenses from an eye, but I emphasize lenses. So you see that you also come with patience and tranquility to your destination. Mia Lotta and Emil wanted to write today, but I have the best story, so the two are unlucky. Hehe, because of look. The little one, who still has both eyes tight. But she is eating is first class. She had her weight tripled even before Emil.
Samstag der 8.November

See you soon The awesome Karlsson on Troublemaker Street

Sunday, 9th November 2014

Since tonight we have all the insight. Our method of locomotion improve also greatly and we slowly develop interest in the life before the whelping box.
Sonntag der 9.November

Bis bald The awesome 4 on Troublemaker Street

Monday, 10th November 2014

We moved !!!!
Now we all have eyes open and are always active, that is the reason, why the fridge-opener rebuilt. We got specially a new ground for our delicate feet. Luckily, they recognized immediately without much tuition, that it is impossible that we set our feet on the worn out laminate. However, still missing my red carpet, because it is probably impossible that I - as the only girl - my little feet set on the same floor, like my brothers.
Unfortunately Nilsson betrayed yesterday that we would be able to leave the whelping box at interest, so we have now and then a brown board in front of the nose. When I'm bigger, I pull him the ears long.
Montag der 10.November

See you soon The awesome Mia Lotta on Troublemaker Street

Tuesday, 11th November 2014

Everyone should hear us, can complain ....
We finally get decent food. Well, they might already have a meat content, but it is better than this weird stuff on all cases that Mum gave us. The only problem is that it is apparently not wishing that we distribute the food in the fur. Why is thatso? We only want food collect for bad times. And bad times, there are unfortunately. The great white mush is not constantly at our disposal.
But our supplies are also swiped us. After each food intake and to apply the test in a supply fur, we are placed in a bathtub with water and cleaned. This is really crap. Because then all stocks are gone.
Dienstag der 11.November

See you soon The awesome Emil on Troublemaker Street

Wednesday, 12th November 2014

Hello people,
I am beginning to realize for which siblings are good. So far I was thinking that they are only there, so that at the milk bar is no place for me. My mom is finally a Westie and not a Golden Retriever, so is the belly just enough room for three. This means that the stupid Fourth have to dig down and feel the whole time, the weight of his siblings. But that's not true. Siblings are in fact really great playmates, but first they must hear and see.
Mittwoch der 12.November

See you soon The awesome Nilsson on Troublemaker Street

Thursday, 13th November 2014

Hello everyone!
The accommodation here is really recommendable. Daily increase the quality of life. Meanwhile loud colorful things surface before and in the whelping box. My siblings still do not know what to do with it, but tried some of the great things today. The best liked me the stuffed cat, in which you can bite and even hide under.
In addition, the food culture increases markedly. It reverses a change. Today there was next to the white mush also pink mush. This mush is delicious and tastes much better than anything that existed here before. Hopefully the fridge-opener offer us often pink mush.
Donnerstag der 13.November

See you soon The awesome Emil on Troublemaker Street

Friday, 14th November 2014

Since today the living room is ours. Mama, Maya and Carlotta have to share the catwalk, the space under the table and the sofa. Finally the fridge-opener have recognized that we are Royal Highnesses and need plenty of space. Meanwhile the carpet emerged. Unfortunately, the wrong color. Probably Ellies fridge-opener was shopping and is determined red-green blind. Why else should lay a green carpet in our outlet. Kings and queens finally stroll on red carpets. But you can not have everything. We now have lots of toys and since today also a ramp, so that we can leave the whelping box without help, if we are interested.
Freitag der 14.November

The awesome 4 on Troublemaker Street