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A-Wurf - Welpentreffen

The invitation

Hello people!
At the beginning of July we received an invitation from Mia Lotta.
Einladung zum Welpentreffen
But only two weeks later are not transhipped, because the little snake has come into season. Luckily their Khlschrankffner have noticed the good fragrance in time, otherwise we guys are maybe would have smashed the heads and Mia Lotta would have us still cheered.

Yours The awesome Emil on Troublemaker Street

Yours The awesome Nilsson on Troublemaker Street

Yours The awesome Karlsson on Troublemaker Street

Sunday, 16th August 2015

On Sunday, 16th August 2015, there was time during the late morning, all my brothers arrived in our puppy room. In advance I had the preparations most exactly monitors, finally everything should be perfect for my brothers and their fridge-opener.
After everyone had arrived, we wanted to go together for a walk. Unfortunately, nothing came of it. Because my brothers have decided that they want Mia Lotta hunt.
But they had chosen the wrong thing. Even without the support of Maya and Carlotta I was namely muuuuuuch faster than the three. But see for yourself.
Gassi gehen
When Emil, Nilsson and Karlsson had finally turned to see who wears the pants, we are back went back to our puppies outlet.
However, this place was occupied by the seats of the fridge-opener. This time so the people sat at our place. But we had the sofa and the numerous baskets.
We have always found someone to play.
Spielen und Ausruhen
At the end we made a group photo of us and the fridge-opener. My brothers unfortunately had to leave most in the distribution of intelligence at me, so they have problems with sit and stay. But we solved the problem.
Gruppenfotos See you soon Yours Mia Lotta