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B-Litter - 5. Week

Tuesday, April the 19th, 2016

Hello people!
So if mum had not thrown a birthday party today, it would have been here sooooo boring.
But as we danced a round through puppy outlet. Mum showed us her gift and a round played with it.
Connecting we got white mush. Our bellies were so a real birthday cake allegedly not tolerated. As if we can not decide for ourselves something.
Maybe mum invites us next year, and then there is a pie. If not, we must search for other opportunities to taste cake.

See you soon The beloved five on Troublemaker Street

Happy birthday, dear Ellie, wish Maya, Carlotta, The awesome four on Troublemaker Street, The beloved five on Troublemaker Street and the fridge-opener

Wednesday, April the 20th, 2016

Now goes pop!
Today I got a new toy. It is such a great yellow part. Since you can climb it and then it swings back and forth.
Unfortunately climb my siblings also on the part. Whether that they will ever understand that anything lying around is mine if I want it.
After I tested the part extensively, came the next increase.
My siblings and I are finally allowed to put on the red soil our feet.
Luckily they realized that we are majesties and for our feet only red soil is suitable.
In keeping with the red soil it has there also brand new smell.
We also met our big sister without a fence between us. She has taken care of us.
Then we were allowed to strengthen us. Full delicious stuff tasted. Much better than the ol white mush. Too bad that I have so many brothers and sisters, for which you have to share.

See you soon The beloved Fille on Troublemaker Street

Thursday, April the 21st, 2016

They spin, the breeder-mums!
They've got really believed, that they can continue to feed us with the ol white glop.
So we are small, but we are not stupid. We noticed us, that it is better here and we are entitled to the best.
Finally, the best thing for us is good enough. So breeder-mus should forget again fob us with the food.
Luckily we were now back on the red soil for majesties.
There is great. Today we finally met the two great girlfriends of Mia Lotta. They are called Maya and Carlotta and we were without a fence between them sniff at them.
If it were up to us, we would have rather been in contact with them, but the two had apparently afraid that we eat them.
So I'm sure taste Maya and Carlotta worse than white mush. Moreover, it is too strenuous with our babyteeth to tear the two.
Stroking visit we received today also. We had to fully take care that the visit caresses us no spots from fur.
With such a busy program must be thought of as little puppy still plenty of rest and recharge.

See you soon The beloved Stina on Troublemaker Street

Friday, April the 22nd, 2016

Hello fans!
Today we had to take it easy.
Because we should be starved apparently.
Before yesterday and yesterday we got something for big strong puppies to eat. Today we were then supplied ONLY with white mush.
We go on hunger strike if the situation does not improve quickly.
Without proper nutrition, I have no power to show my brothers, where to go in the puppy run. Luckily my siblings also don't like the poor supply. So these circumstances are beyond the pale. If we are large, then call we a complaints body for puppies to life. Finally, one must be able to defend themselves as a puppy anyway.
Our big sister Mia Lotta comes even in puppies outlet. Now we thought that she brings milk along. But, nothing!
So that she takes away us with her big ass to court, but we do not need her in the puppy run.
The states here are unsustainable. I CONCRETE UNTENABLE!

See you soon The beloved Polly on Troublemaker Street

Saturday, April the 23rd, 2016

Hello people!
I am back!
I'm back in my former station!
Mia Lotta requested me as a support, and I made myself immediately on the way.
Well, once is perhaps somewhat exaggerated. But after some coaxing I softened up my fridge-opener.
Today it was finally over. Mama recognized me immediately and I was allowed my siblings up close visit.
I was soooo proud. I am a big brother and not just by a little sister, but suddenly I'm the big brother of five other siblings.
My fridge-opener were I think very proud, what a great big brother I am.
I even brought some of my toys for the little ones.
However, only things that I no longer need.
Before my siblings could get it,Mia Lotta controlled them.
Of course we took also a walk and my two aunts were also there.
Between made break and rested.
My siblings are fully nice, I could try a little white mush.
It waked up memories. I really had a great time with my Breeder Mamas.
I also had this time really lucky. I have not been plucked. Carlotta's and Mia Lotta's owner has not groomed my fur.
When I really bring that in connection, then I have to visit Mia Lotta when Mom has puppies.
Then the hide is left alone.
But then I see Mia Lotta only rare. Crap, I will yet again have to pluck the fur me.
At the end of a tiring day Mia Lotta, Mama and I even tested the ball pool for the little ones.
Finally you have to know whether it is appropriate at all.
I think that it can be provided with a clear conscience in the puppy run.

See you soon The awesome Karlsson on Troublemaker Street

Sunday, April the 24th, 2016

Hello together!
Today we leave it again for something quieter.
After our big brother Karlsson is whisked away, we have once rested extensively.
But then we ate vigorously, because the white mush is spiced.
The toys in puppies outlet we have also undergone extensive durability tests. It would be ridiculous if we not broken catch.
But this TÜV tests are apparently also puppies suitable for children.
Despite all the efforts we have nothing get broken today. Maybe it looks in the coming days different.
We will refund in any case report.
Unfortunately we have to out and get to even force and then sleep a lot. But even in sleep can have a great idea.
Now we also know why the puppies outlet is a yellow pad with hole.
You can slip on and hide. Actually not a bad toy.
The ball pool, which have been tested with mom yesterday our big brother and sister, the breeder-moms cleared again.
That's nasty. We can namely not even resist.

See you soon The beloved Stina on Troublemaker Street

Monday, April the 25th, 2016

And I fly, fly, fly, ....
No, you must not be afraid I have not grown wings.
But we all want to go and slowly our size helps us.
My sister misused the swing as a viewing platform.
Today mum was a little bit angry with us because we walked on the terrace in all directions.
Mum said that we have to stay together.
But it was so exciting and hear is so difficult.
Mia Lotta is a great big sister. She always stupid in the head and plays so nice with us.
I believe that I can learn from her a lot.
She has determined class ideas how I can stir up my future fridge-opener.
I am strict right to be a big strong Westie and I get my goal every day a little closer.

See you soon Tommy on Troublemaker Street