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A-Litter - 4. Week

Saturday, 15th November 2014

Hi people!
Carlotta's frdige-opener took today again individual photos of us. I show me at my best. The other you must judge yourself, otherwise they will say tomorrow, that I'm conceited. But among us, you see, of course, that I draw all eyes on me on all images. I probably have inherited Mama's model genes.
Samstag der 15.November
The fridge-opener have since yesterday a jump in the bowl. Whenever one of us done his business on the changing pad, they are petting and praise them. It seems, that they mean, we are crazy. We also know without guidance, that we should do our business there and tuen it of course mainly. The benefits of the ramp and the toy we discover now more and more for us. Also the tunnel that is new in the puppy run, we find class. Of course I have to tell my siblings to deal with these things, otherwise they would be overtaxed.
Samstag der 15.November

See you soon The awesome Nilsson on Troublemaker Street

Sunday, 16th November 2014

Where is the complaints office for puppies?
If we were interested in an extensive fitness program, we would sign us in a gym. But we have no interest in a special fitness facilities for puppies. We ask for a lift! (Mom reported of such a thing, as she told us a bedtime story.) We want such a part at the entrance of our whelping box. The ramp will disappear. It's just tough to come across the wooden rods to our snuggle. And if it's true what Mom told, then drives a lift to the correct floor.
So once again for all and for the record: WE WANT AN ELEVATOR AT THE ENTRANCE OF THE LITTER BOX !!!!
Sonntag der 16.November

The awesome 4 on Troublemaker Street

Montag, der 17.November 2014

Die Schlacht am kalten Buffet.
Es ist echt stressig, wenn man mit drei Brüdern am Tisch sitzt. Naja, wir sitzen nicht, aber Essmanieren haben Emil, Nilsson und Karlsson trotzdem nicht. Für mich zierliches Wesen ist es kaum möglich an die tolle Fleischpampe zu kommen. Die anderen fahren ihre Pobacken aus, sobald der Teller mit dem Essen im Welpenauslauf steht. Aber heute hatte ich eine tolle Idee, um mich durchzusetzen. Ich habe mich einfach in die Mitte vom Teller gesetzt. Dann haben meine Brüder auch mal gesehen, wie das ist, wenn jemand die Futterquelle blockiert. Leider gibt es natürlich keine Fotoaufnahme von meiner Glanztat.
Aber dafür sind hier einige andere Fotos von unserem Tag.
Montag der 17.November
MOntag der 17.November

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Monday, 17th November 2014

The Battle.
It's really stressful when you are sitting at the table with three brothers. Well, we do not sit, but Emil Nilsson and Karlsson have not eating habits. For me, being petite, it is hardly possible to come to the great food. The other ride from their buttocks as soon as the plate with the food is in puppies outlet. But today I had a great idea to assert myself. I just sat down in the middle of the plate. Then have my brothers a views, as this is when someone blocks the food source. Unfortunately, there is of course no photograph of my brilliant save.
But for that, here are some other pictures of our day.
Montag der 17.November
MOntag der 17.November

See you soon The awesome Mia Lotta on Troublemaker Street

Tuesday, 18th November 2014

Hello people!
Especially the male readers will understand us after looking at these photos.
Dienstag der 18.November
Our sister has no more marbles or otherwise the screw is loose. You can pick and choose, definitely Mia Lotta has a really distorted perception. We have no eating etiquette. Yes, who put the feet into the food bowl, today. Who is trampled with his unwashed stinking paws on our food? Even with her ass she has perched on our food. We thought we are in the wrong movie.
Hopefully mom attacks now and finally brings the flute at the little witch.

See you soon
The awesome Emil on Troublemaker Street
The awesome Nilsson on Troublemaker Street
The awesome Karlsson on Troublemaker Street

Wednesday, 19th November 2014

Hurrah! We got a gift!
Today we got a quite sunny blue part. You can sleep in it and there are stars and monkeys on it. Carlotta also liked the cuddly stuffed very well, as it lay in the kitchen. But she had bad luck, the final cuddly thing belongs to us. However Carlotta tried our gift to use. But now it's safe, because it is in the puppy run.
Mittwoch der 19.November

The awesome 4 on Troublemaker Street

Thursday, 20th November 2014

Today we had bored us all day. But you're in luck, we have not bored us to death. Because fortunately we find some employment. First, we ate, then we slept,then we have made our business on the changing pad, then we played with the toy, then we tried the new basket and more we no longer think of. Actually today was just boring, because the fridge-opener don't offer us an attractive puppy program, today. (For younger readers: Teachers do not like it when you always "then" writes. But we are not controlled fortunately.)
That is, we were not allowed to splash around in the water, we were not allowed to dig in the earth, we were not allowed to play with the toilet paper roll, we were not allowed to chew the furniture,... So you see everything what makes fun, was not offered to us.
But we hope for better times.
Donnerstag der 20.November

The awesome 4 on Troublemaker Street

Friday, 21st November 2014

At my house goes off the post.
Almost half of my living room need the little polar bears from Ellie.
Today I grasped the opportunity with both hands and looked at the puppies area. Ellie left the babies alone and the door was open because of remodeling. So my chance to inspect everything. The toys are great. Well, the funny big blue thing they can retain, but they could give me the great basket. Through the tunnel I unfortunately do not fit, because it is only for babies. I think that's a shame.
At the end of my control gear, I look after the littles. They do not attack and bit me. So they seem not to be in order.
Freitag der 21.November
Unterschrift von Maya