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B-Wurf - 1. Woche

Tuesday, March the 22nd, 2016

Hello, people!
I must tell you something urgently. My mom is in my former litterbox and with her five screaming worms.
That's right, WORMS.
Now say the fridge-opener that I was once such a worm. I was never a worm. I've been always a thoroughbred West Highland White Terrier. I have never cried because I can bark.
So I do not think that at some point you can play with the worms, but the fridge-opener claim that.
Anyway sometimes tweak me bumblebees and I have to look at what Mama and the worms in my litterbox make. Here are a few pictures.
Ellie und Welpen
So you do not forget how Maya, Carlotta and I look, I have added by us even a photo.
Maya, Carlotta und Mia Lotta

See you soon The awesome Mia Lotta on Troublemaker Street

Wednesday, March the 23rd, 2016

Hello, fanclub!
I climbed the Zugspitze. No, that sounds too easy.
So again from the beginning. With great effort and dedication of my strength I have climbed the Mount Everest. Unfortunately, I realized that the view from there is not very excited. The effort has not worth it. But perhaps I have now an advantage with my siblings. After all had to serve as Ruberleiter.
Ellie und Welpen
So in the country, in which the milk and honey grows, we are not arrived. From because of a milk run in the mouth. I tried it. So if I take the teat of mum in my little mouth, nothing happens. Rather, I must suck tight so there ever comes out slightly. Life I imagined slight. First I had rudely leave mum's warm belly and now I must also make an effort to get to my fully deserved food. This is really the last. Hopefully here the states soon improve.

See you soon The beloved Polly on Troublemaker Street and The beloved Fia on Troublemaker Street

Thursday, March the 24th, 2016

Hello, dear readers!
It has come to my attention that our big sister Mia Lotta find us boring.
Luckily find mum, breeder-mums, Maya and Carlotta not. I believe that keep us even for prominent. Finally, we have our own stage in the living room and when someone comes too close to us, then our bodyguard mum cares about our safety.
Today we had a photo shoot, like real stars. Each of us was next to a bizarre colorful thing photographed. (Oddly, wanted Mia Lotta watch up close, although we supposedly sooooo are boring.)
Otherwise we take to kicking and all lost our umbilical cord.
Ellie und Welpen

See you soon The beloved Tommy on Troublemaker Street

Friday, March the 25th, 2016

Hello, people!
Today we have further worked Mamas teat. It does us feel sorry, but we must to be great and strong.
Finally, we must show our big sister, who wears the pants.
Sometimes is the sassy on sofa and stares in our whelping box. No bit of privacy begrudge you us.
Earlier Mia Lotta played in front of our palace. They tried us instill with their tiger noises for the poor fear. But we are bred westies and such noise didn't afraid us.

See you soon The beloved five on Troublemaker Street

Finally, a little mystery.
Find the two puppies in the photo?


For the answer you must click on the photo.

Saturday, March the 26th, 2016

Hello together!
We got competition for the title "Who is the biggest thing in the litter box?"
Meantime the girls try to get the title also.
We never would have believed, that girls can be as solid boxes. A lot of bruises we get, if we try to stay at our favorite teat. But we will not let it get to us, they can try this at others.
Finally you have to tidy what on the ribs, if you want to be big and strong.
Ellie und Welpen
Here they spoken of a "Vladmich" today or something like that, which is boxing champion.
What's this? No idea! But it sounds dangerous, so we decided that we also want to be as big and strong as the "Vladmich". Then our sisters will have respect before us.
We must now stop writing, because we are required to drink that we will get big and strong, as the boxing champion "Vladmich".
Ellie und Welpen

See you soon The beloved Tommy on Troublemaker Street and The beloved Fille on Troublemaker Street

Sunday, March the 27th, 2016

With us this would not have happened.
How can you be stealing the food from the bowl? They lead 2: 0 and then we can hardly believe it, the English shooted three goals.
Luckily we had that not watch.
But mum took their descriptions not mince words. One thing is certain in any case, such a thing can only men happen. Therefore, would have taken us, we would be swept over the square and would have prevented this embarrassing defeat.
Fille and Tommy say of course, that this is only wishful thinking and we would have lost the game.
How said, men have just no idea about football.
Ellie und Welpen
Mama is sometimes a bit annoyed with us, we believe. Because she leaves, sometimes for a few minutes our palace or located in the door. She should be happy that she can take care of us. Finally, it is not self-evident that we have chosen her as mum.

See you soon The beloved Fia on Troublemaker Street, The beloved Polly on Troublemaker Street and The beloved Stina on Troublemaker Street

Monday, March 28th, 2016

Hello, dear readers!
Sisters are truly awful.
My big sister think, I'm boring, because I drink supposedly.
The other sisters, yes you heard right, the others. I am punished, because I have four sisters and only one brother. Fortunately, I have only a really big sister, the other three also roll with me through the litter box.
But now fully back to the subject, the other sisters leave me while drinking not enough space and are impatient. In my eyes, it would be the least, that I can drink in peace. But nothing they hewn me their paws everywhere. Terrible.
Hopefully soon I'm big and strong, and I'll show them where to go.
And my big sister, who has then maybe properly afraid of me.
Ellie und Welpen

See you soon The beloved Fille on Troublemaker Street