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A-Litter - 9. Week

Saturday, der 20th December 2014

Hello people!
Finally we made a trip back to the Caribbean. We were totally in the matter and followed mum at every step. This afternoon, then a strange bug thing was in our puppies outlet. This could make small and large. At first, we were not so a bit fishy, but we have come quite quickly from the cover and looked at the part. Finally, we are four and had can defend ourselves well.
Today the Great were on the table and suddenly a lot of fur lay on the ground. Luckily we did not have on the table. We want our fur namely not give up.
Samstag der 20.Dezember

The awesome 4 on Troublemaker Street

Sunday, 21st December 2014

Since this afternoon it smells in our home like in the Caribbean. Right next to the puppy outlet the fridge-opener set up a piece of the Caribbean. They said something about Christmas and the Christ Child, that well-behaved dog puppy brings gifts. Yes, we must indeed get a whole mountain, so good as we are.
In the real Caribbean we were climbing on giant sandstone rocks today. The Great must have laughed broken than we told them from the huge rocks. They claimed they were little baby rocks.
Carlotta's fridge-opener placed back early the weird thing to us. It's a umbrella, why you need it, no idea.
Hopefully we can tomorrow in the right Caribbean. Not that the fridge-opener want to appease us with the little Caribbean. They can namely forget.
Sonntag der 21.Dezember

The awesome 4 on Troublemaker Street

Monday, 22nd December 2014

The fridge-opener, it seems to have stopped right, who now adorned the piece of the Caribbean with toy next to the puppy outlet. In the Caribbean, but also not a toy. Moreover, it is really nasty that new toy is not to reach for us. Really great glitter balls.
A new toy for the puppy outlet we got. The fridge-opener holding a long stick in his hand and dance through the outlet and bounce little stuffed balls. It is so much fun.
Montag der 22.Dezember

See you soon The awesome Nilsson on Troublemaker Street

Tuesday, 23rd December 2014

Today we had a lot of visitors again. Fortunately, no bald spots were stroked in the our fur.
Mum told us that tomorrow is the Christ Child coming. Hopefully the Christ Child brings beautiful gifts to us.
In the Caribbean, we are now poised on a tree trunk. The little nerd Mia Lotta wanted to do it all alone and without treats. Well, they must have needed it suck up yourself. A real Westie does nothing without reward unless it enjoys it or can annoy its fridge-opener. But the nerd has even tried to climb alone on the trunk.
But in a discipline Mia Lotta is a real rivet when the fridge-opener whistle and we will climb for the trip home in the box, she must be captured. She probably has something on the head and ears.
If I do not certainly know, I would argue that her daddy is a Golden Retriever with hearing impairment. But she looks just like us and the fridge-opener are sure that Picott Happy Naux is the father of us all.
Dienstag der 23.Dezember

See you soon The awesome Emil on Troublemaker Street

Wednesday, 24th December 2014

First of all, we wish all our readers "Merry Christmas".
This afternoon we are again busy raged through the Caribbean. It has accomplished a lot of fun and the Caribbean sun laughed because we had so much fun.
The Christ Child, we did not see, but it brought us great toys. A new sticking toy and crinkly paper. We were very busy raged through the puppy outlet with the new toys. Now we are exhausted and lie flat and tired around.
Mittwoch der 24.Dezember

The awesome 4 on Troublemaker Street

Thursday, 25th December 2014

Today we explored a new area and we met the nice woman again, that made such great photos of us. She had today a real surprise there. A little bit of it engraved on the feet, but it smelled so good. After the photo shoot, we slept briefly to subsequently provide Christmas cheer. We really tried to sing Christmas carols in the correct pitch. But our polyphony was not particularly appreciated.
Donnerstag der 25.Dezember

The awesome 4 on Troublemaker Street

Friday, 26th December 2014

In the afternoon we did a great family excursion. Maya, Carlotta, Mom, the fridge-opener and the children of the two old fridge-opener took a walk with us. Under these conditions, I did not like a family trip and my siblings. So many potential fridge-opener means namely, that each of us had to walk on a snake. I did not realize until today, that the fridge-opener have for each of us our own snake. I thought it is only the orange snake. So much meanness I had the fridge-opener namely not have expected. A lot of colorful snakes, that can tie at collars. This is puppy torture. I am the opinion, that it is perfectly adequate, if I let me transfer a collar. I will not let myself demterminaed. I think that sucks and is for a Westie unacceptable. Finally, I know myself best thing I can do and let.
Freitag der 26.Dezember

See you tomorrow The awesome Karlsson on Troublemaker Street