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A-Litter - 10. Week

Saturday, 27th Dezember 2014

Today I sign up for the time being for the last time, because my new fridge-opener Jörg, Ute and Kathrin picked me up today. My breeder-mums were a bit sad when I left with my new family the flat, even though they know it I'll be really good there. Finally, they took my new fridge-opener examined in detail.
We see and hear us again and determined I may here then report on our meeting safely.
Here again is a photo collage from my previous nine weeks of life.
Karlssons Auszug

We hear and see us The awesome Karlsson on Troublemaker Street

Somehow it was a bit funny , when only three of us sit in outlet puppy, but now we have it accustomed.
Unfortunately the weather was crap right now, so we were allowed in morning and evening to go out. If we were outside, strange, cold, white stuff was on the ground. But we quickly realized that we can still play great.
Samstag, der 27.Dezember

See you soon The awesome Mia Lotta on Troublemaker Street

Sunday, 28th December 2014

My siblings and I are raged through the white splendor today. There was a lot of fun, but you get cold feet. The worst part is that the fridge-opener, then wash and dry the feet and belly. However, it is also in our past with a Caribbean feeling, little brother. (The fridge-opener read to us your message.) In Nuremberg is now also Antarctica.
Sonntag, der 28.Dezember

See you soon The awesome Emil on Troublemaker Street

Monday, 29th December 2014

Hello people!
Today was my big day. My new fridge-opener Karin and Lisa picked me up. Although we meet again very soon and I live near my breeder-mums, they cried when my new fridge-opener have taken me. Of course, were Karin and Lisa just shines through. My new fridge-opener sent today already a lot of photos so my breeder-mums can convince, how good I feel.
You know, you do not have to be sad. Breeder-mum, you stay a lifetime and we'll see you next week again. I will always report in detail when I visit Mum, Maya, Carlotta, Ellie, my little sister and breeder-mums.
Here is a photo collage of my previous nine weeks of life.
Emils Auszug

We hear and see us The awesome Emil on Troublemaker Street

Slowly return quiet to our home again. Although I already miss the little tots a bit, I'm glad that my life slowly returned to orderly running. Now there are only two left. Nilsson has also been visited several times, but the little devil seems no new fridge-opener to have found.
However, I hear from time to time cough the fleas. My fridge-opener plan but not really the little with Mia Lotta to keep. So far, they could still no visits received by the many callers. Nightingale, I hear you.
I'm curious, when I am asked for my opinion. Carlotta, the traitor, is nice with the little witch also . Well, she slimes because of her fridge-opener.
But should the devil really moving in here, then Carlotta and the fridge-opener should educate her allone.
Maybe I do with it, so Mia Lotta even know my rules.
Montag, der 29.Dezember

Unterschrift von Maya

Tuesday, 30th December 2014

Meantime, we have to be organize us. At first it was quite a change. Suddenly I was alone with my little sister. It was not until my best friend Karlsson was raped and then also Emil disappeared.
But I think, it was my luck that Emil is already taken into his new family. Emil was Mia Lotta's favorite brother and I would be otherwise determined only the third wheel on the wagon. (If you say, I believe that.)
Today we had a lot of time on fresh air. Unfortunately, only very briefly. But in the other time we made the living room uncertain.
Dienstag, der 30.Dezember 2014
Slowly my depature moves even closer. I'm really excited, when I think of my new big brother.

See you soon The awesome Nilsson on Troublemaker Street

Wednesday, 31st December 2014

Every day we experience something new and exciting. Today we went on a shopping tour with the fridge-opener. It was really exciting. All new smells, lots of lights, noise and many people were on the shopping tour.
For a bona fide Westie is such a experience, not a problem. Most of the time we have seen everything from the arm of the fridge-opener, because with so many people we would not come under their feet. The fact does hurt. But if we had found a quiet corner, then we were allowed to run on the ground around. Our tails were immediately above, because we know no fear.
However, we can not deny that we were tired after our shopping trip, because there is a photo of evidence.
Mittwoch, der 31.Dezember 2014

See you soon Nilsson and Mia Lotta

Thursday, 1st January 2015

Hello people!
Today I sign up for the time being for the last time, because tomorrow is my big day.
My new fridge-opener Andrea and Ralf and my big brother Laurin are already in the starting blocks, because tomorrow I make my new home unsafe. My breeder-moms have made tonight again remodeling, because Mia Lotta will stay with Maya, Carlotta, Mama and the breeder-moms. My travel bag is already packed. Hopefully I can sleep at night with my excitement.
Of course, I will ensure that my fridge-opener will contact the breeder-moms and then reported to the appropriate place by me. Finally, I am also a little Westie on Troublemaker Street and will always remain a part, like my sister and my brothers.
Here is a photo collage of my previous almost ten weeks of life.
Nilssons Auszug
Of course there are pcitures of today
Donnerstag, der 1.Januar
Now it is here again quiet, but on Sunday our little sister will write a final report because on Saturday mom will return in the show ring, I've heard.

We see and hear us The awesome Nilsson on Troublemaker Street