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Fotos 2012

Augsburg 2012 - We were there!
We introduced Giacomo, Sheila and Toni our new friend Ellie.

Augsburg in Dezember 2012

It's snowing
Here is plenty of snow and we enjoy the white splendor.

Dezember 2012

New photos from July and August
Thanks Ellie, this summer there are lots of pictures of us.

Juli and August 2012

Ellie's first swimming lesson
We went for a swim with our new friend.

Swimming with Ellie

Walk through the forest in July
We have looked for nearby streams.


Our first meeting with Ellie

Treffen mit Ellie

Holiday 2012 - We were on the Baltic Sea
Carlotta's fridge-opener has taken many photographs.
Click on the photo, then you can find more pictures.

Ostsee 2012

Augsburg im April 2012
On April 10th we have visited our friends Giacomo, Sheila and Toni. We were pleased to see them at their vacation in Augsburg.

Augsburg im April 2012