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Carlotta with Emma

As Maya has already told you, I moved four months after her in my pack. My pack is an interesting constellation. Stefanie is my boss pack. Because she works as a primary school teacher. Sometimes she goes conferences in the afternoon, then Karin - Maya's boss pack -takes care of me, too.
Such a more comprehensive households pack has an unbeatable advantage. There are many fridge-opener, and also everbody has its own refrigerator and at least one drawer with Treats. For a greedy Westie, like me, priceless.
Unfortunately the fridge-opener fit very well on my diet. I have got inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), but I'll tell more about my illness on another page.
In many ways I had it easier as Maya.
Finally I came already in a very well-behaved pack.
From minor cosmetic corrections Maya did a very good job.
Most of my little educational goals I have already achieved and the other I will not tell. Finally the fridge-opener read here.
Now I have our new pack member Ellie in my heart, but that's our secret. Eventually I have to be careful, that the dwarf doesn't get the upper hand. Sometimes the wild bumblebee needs my education measures.

Carlottas Unterschrift