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B-Litter - 4. Week

Tuesday, April the 12th, 2016

Hello dear readers!
Our range is growing every day.
Even our legs, we can always use more.
If this continues, here need to watch all soon, so we will not run away them.
It will be fun.
Unfortunately, we have for our great excursions currently recover long to recharge our batteries.
In addition increases the number of onlookers. Today the two great were back. Mia Lotta told us, that both called Maya and Carlotta.
According to our big sister they are our protectors. She said that no one bothers us, as long as the two are nearby. Allegedly but we can annoy the other and then we send the two protectors.
That sounds quite comfortable.
I'm curious to see what happens here in the next few days.
One thing I've found out. Boring is never one here.

See you soon The beloved Polly on Troublemaker Street

Wednesday, April the 13th, 2016

Hello people!
The "things" are really interesting. Meanwhile, they leave again MY former litterbox.
Then they jiggle the fence and say to me "hello". Sometimes they stretch the paws to me and let kiss me.
Mama is watching, so that I don't hurt tem. But that I do not.
Now the "things" get white mush in the puppy outlet.
This stuff tastes apparently fully tasty, because if the "things" are done, mum must eat and she would be.
Some of the "things" are real pigs. They stand with all paws in the white mush.
Something I have never done. I know how a Westie eats.
So sometimes the things make sounds, that sound suspiciously like barking.
Perhaps the fridge-opener are right and the "things" are small westies.
I'm excited. It would be great, if I can really play with the "things" soon.
But the "things" watching exploring the world, is a lot of fun and is exciting.

See you soon The awesome Mia Lotta on Troublemaker Street

Thursday, April the 14th, 2016

Hello together!
Today we made a lazy day.
You do not know, how exhausting sucking and growing.
Ellie und Welpen
Mama fits fully good care of us when we are asleep.
She even sleeps with us.
So times among us. I do not think, you can take care if you sleep.
But the fridge-opener claimed, that we have a very caring mom.
That means, if we are big, we also adapt fully well to our new families.
We lie down on the sofa. That seems namely to be very convenient.
Then we close eyes and strict terrible to watch us at our families.
Seems to be simple.

See you soon The beloved Fia Lisa on Troublemaker Street

Friday, April the 15th, 2016

We are more nimble and agile.
Addition loud colorful things are in our puppy run.
In these things you can bite or walk over or nudge with his nose.
Our roommate have also such things. The box is exactly in our line of sight, but unfortunately we can not reach them because of the fence in between.
But that is good, for because of the fence they are not stealing our stuff.
The delicious white mush we get now more often during the day. However, some my siblings really stupid that arise when eating like chickens lay the eggs. (If you say I believe that.) It's easy: tongue in the mush and mouth open, tongue back and enjoy. This must be quite often make a row, then we are big and strong.
But I'm not complaining, because of their inability is more left for me.
Hopefully going here so on with the great offers. Because it can be fully live well, as a little Westie.

See you soon The beloved Tommy on Troublemaker Street

Saturday, April the 16th, 2016

Hello people!
Today Maya's fridge-opener sewn a little basket for us.
This is full cuddly. I sent Tommy forward to try the part.
After my big brother fitted it, then I had to set me up.
So life as a puppy is super here. We have to round balls and shoving so a funny part to shake. The funny thing is the round, long thing with the hole in the center through which you want to run through.
Thanks to my tireless efforts in sucking or eating I am the hardest of all.
It will not be long and I weigh a kilo.
If that happens, then maybe I can finally show my big sister Mia Lotta, who here the shots.
Because I'm not going the weakest of yet.

See you soon The beloved Fille on Troublemaker Street

PS: The basket with the monkeys is not our former cup, Emil, Karlsson and Nilsson.
Your little sister Mia Lotta - the best female attendant of the world

Sunday, April the 17th, 2016

Urgent call for help to Emil, Nilsson and Karlsson!
If I tell you the news of the news, it knocks you out the bird.
Breeder-moms today placed in the puppy run our toys.
If you visited me, our things are not unpacked, but the funny white "things" - I CONCRETE OUR - toys brought out of the box, our will.
Guys, you have to come and help me.
I can not prevent this evil alone. The breeder-mommies namely much stronger than me. But with your support the rescue OUR TOYS should be possible.
Actually the little ones could indeed be nice, if they would not always lay hands on our stuff.
Join me quite often at the fence visit and lick me up and play the game with me paws.
But although I have now told them several times that very many things in puppies outlet belong to us, keep it simply not believe it.
Somehow I'm totally disappointed. If want to be my friends, they have to work very hard.
This can not hear our breeder-moms, you write me best via Whatsapp on my smartphone.

See you soon The awesome Mia Lotta on Troublemaker Street

Monday, April the 18th, 2016

Hello people!
We are growing every day a bit more. In addition, we also found out getting better what to do with the toys.
Our bedtimes also be less in favor of our seasons. It would indeed be stupid, if we overslept with great toys.
We are now getting more and more often white mush and it tastes very good.

See you soon The beloved Polly on Troublemaker Street