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The fridge-opener or We never would have thought, that we need a separate section Dogmodels.
But first, it is different and as you think.
Then now we are Germany's Next Dogmodels. We have a cover image, are floated on the Dogwalk and Carlotta's head is found on a food box. Of course we were on TV (well, one or two seconds Carlotta and Maya maybe five.) And Maya you could see in the newspaper. As befits Dogmodels indicated.
The fridge-opener and our agency look, that we have fun with our work as Dogmodel and will not be overwhelmed.
Yes, you heard correctly. We can be booked through an animal model agency.
On the homepage you can admire our setcards.
Setcard by Maya
Setcard by Carlotta

Here's a little insight into our lifes as Dogmodels.
Studio recordings by Ute Woelki.


But of course Carlotta's fridge-opener take a lot of photos of us and we show her also our model qualities.
Above all, our Christmas cards every year, an eye-catcher and are collected by the neighbours.

Fotoshooting im Alltag

Unterschrift von Maya und Carlotta