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A-Litter - 8. Week

Saturday, 13th Dezember 2014

Hello together!
Today we got two new toys to calm down. But so easy I'm not going to forgive when my siblings are so stupid I can not help them. Imagine I stood back on the stupid table and then Mum's visit mistreated me. Why Mom was so happy about the visit, I do not understand. I really do not like it, when somebody cut the coat on my ears and on my tail. I want to keep my coat. But it is not so bad if my ears do not stand for now. I look quite perfect also with the hanging ears. Do not say otherwise. Moreover, again great photos of us were made, but we only show you in a few days. Finally, the best photos have to selected.
Today we don't go to the holiday. But disgusting paste was again injected into our mouths. If the situation can not change quickly, then I would like to address the appeal body for puppies.
Samstag der 13.Dezember

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Sunday, 14th December 2014

We got a new toy today. It was determined very expensive, because it makes a lot of fun to play with. It cracks great if I bite in it and if I push it with the nose it rolls away. Unfortunately, my siblings find the thing also great. Due to the huge cost of the likely new toy we did get just one. Now I have to share the ingenious toy that I find really mean.
During our visit in the Caribbean now a storm is raised, we have become wet. After we got home, we were dry. This is fully disgusting, if you get wet from above and below, and then dried.
Sonntag der 14.Dezember

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Monday, 15th December 2014

In my life I can do without some meetings, and the woman in white jacket, I would not have to meet in person. First she was so friendly with me and put treats before my nose and then she jumped on me. The fridge-opener told, that I was vaccinated and microchipped. I find that I was tortured. Why please I need a burglar alarm system? I have sharp teeth in the mouth and can bite. So I'm sure that no one steals me. The strange blue notebook, I do not need when I think Mum told me, that the people in the white coats enter her torture in it.
The next time I cut it off and run as fast as my legs carry me when I see someone with a white coat again. I let myself not bribe, they can keep their great food when they leave me alone for it.
The living conditions here are not developed well. These constant torture and ill-treatment, which does not hold a puppy from.
After the excitement today I'm really tired now anyway.
Montag der 15.Dezember

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Tuesday, 16th December 2014

Finally here return order and discipline. The fridge-opener realized that we call the shots here. Therefore, we were again in the Caribbean. There is a wobbly bridge. For us, this was not a problem, after all, we train our balance every day with the balance board. Back home we got a great new toys. So blue bags because we could be great bite and shake it.
Then we were allowed to explore the living room with the big ones. So Maya and Carlotta are really stuffy that keep us all the time in the eye, so that we do not can make mischief. Mum is there much cooler.Aber fortunately they are only two, so we can outsmart them in good agreement with each other.
Dienstag der 16.Dezember

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Wednesday, 17th December 2014

Here you can admire the photos from Saturday. Mum's breeder-mum took as in a funny way and sat us down. But a lot of people like the photos.
So they must be good. But you can decide yourself.
Mittwoch der 17.Dezember
Mittwoch der 17.Dezember
Today we had a nice visit of two girls. They cuddled us. The circumstances will be better now.

The awesome 4 on Troublemaker Street

Wednesday, 18th December 2014

Today Cuddle-fighting was announced.
In the morning we were loaded into the box and drove with the car without mum. We are the world's best drivers and were quite and well-behaved. At the end we were placed in an unknown space. But somehow we knew the smell a little. But we only had a short time to look around, then really took off. Our fan club came gradually purely through the door and was super happy to meet us in the original.
Our fan club, this is the class of Carlotta's fridge-opener. Since the first day they pursue once a week in pictures our development and today we could imagine personally. That was really fun, so many children's hands and they all wanted to caress us. The large fridge-opener were amazed at how great everything worked and how confident we have occurred. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye after some time, then we our trip had to continue.
After another tour by car we could look in the kindergarten of Maya's fridge-opener. Also there we were greeted with a big hello and were busy again caressed by the hands of children. So we are now really good kids tested and kid-friendly.
When we arrived at home mom has to check whether we are fully alive and well and back. After check-up, we only once slept thoroughly. For though we had a lot of fun, it was really hard.
Donnerstag der 18.Dezember

The awesome 4 on Troublemaker Street

Friday, 19th December 2014

Today, my siblings and I got visit from the breed warden. She looked us, our puppies outlet, our terrace exactly and has very much written. Our puppies outlet was called adventure playground. So I think you can go too far. Adventure playground - I laugh me down. But the woman also does not have to play every day to the same "adventure playground". I would much rather live in the Caribbean, as it is much more varied. On the "Adventure Playground" only the toys are changed and it smells not as great as in the Caribbean.
She also found that we are friendly and spirited. I find that completely normal. We are finally purebred West Highland White Terrier and a Westie has pepper in the ass and a dick head. So I would have been horrified if she had writen well-behaved, quiet and such bad words used to describe us. We are not a Golden Retriever, who always want to favor their owners. A real Westie needs such a great nickname, as Piranha, but unfortunately, I have to share it with my sister.
Carlotta's fridge-opener dragged a new toy to keep us entertained. It was full of fun, but unfortunately we were only allowed as long as play with it, as she was with us in the outlet. Then it is unfortunately disappeared, allegedly because we could eat it.
Freitag der 19.Dezember

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