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A-Litter - 5. Week

Saturday, 22nd November 2014

Hello together!
We have decided to reduce our bedtimes. Why? The offer for puppies here is now in order, so that we want to use extensively the various Opportunities. The blue thing and the tunnel are great. But we really like the cuddly donkey, we can carry him so great around. In exchange for the basket and the blue thing the fridge-opener stolen us the whelping box, but we were allowed to keep Bonzo and so everything is fine. He is now next the cuddly basket and we can choose, where we want to sleep.
In addition, the fridge-opener have a new name for us. They call us bats or vampires, since our canines are more obvious to see. Mama is not so enthusiastic about our great teeth. She scolds us sometimes, if we want to drink milk.
Samstag der 22.November
Samstag der 22.November

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Sunday, 23rd November 2014

Hi people!
Imagine the littles are biting each other's tail and legs. I feel the pain, when I am watching. Finally, the vampire's teeth quite pointed. But the four seem to have a lot of fun with the funny game. No one squeaks and no one runs away. But they don't do that with Mom and us. Finally, I would not have hanging four small crabs on my tail. I am sure that is painful.
But maybe they are still learning how to play correctly and then I am happy to help.
Sonntag der 23.November
Unterschrift von Carlotta

Monday, 24th November 2014

Today the fridge-opener allocated me a new collar with an orange snake. Somehow it was weird walking around with the orange snake. But the reward I was allowed to leave with mom the puppy area and like to see once the living room and the hallway in more detail. Sometimes it's good, if you as the only is awake.
The other three were not allowed to play with the orange snake and leave the puppy area. Well, one must eventually check the conditions. Except for the little witch we all now weigh a kilo. It does not help if you sit in the food bowl. I also know the reason, but I'll tell it only if you do not say to Mia Lotta.
You eats namely with the little mouth and not with the butt, but that the little witch has not yet understood.
Montag der 24.November

See you soon The awesome Karlsson on Troublemaker Street

Tuesday, 25th November 2014

The fridge-opener invented a really stupid game. I do not know the name, but I can tell you the rules. Every day gets another the collar with the orange snake attached to the neck. So I feel well without it. I prefer to stay in the puppy area. I understood the function by the snake. It's not every so credulous as Karlsson, who simply walks behind Mummy and does not realize that he no longer can determine. I understood that the fridge-opener can guide me with the orange thing. They can save the attractive and flattering pipes "Nilsson" for my stupid siblings.
I also viewed my aunt, who often visited me in the puppy area. Even if it looks like I have tell her my secrets, of course I don't do that. But she's really okay and maybe we play together another time.
Dienstag der 25.November

See you soon The awesome Nilsson on Troublemaker Street

Wednesday, 26th November 2014

Heidi Klum had sought this year, but they did not find us, even though we are Germany's next Dogmodels. Maya, Carlotta and mum can pack. Soon we will make insecure the dogwalks of the world.
Today we were allowed to visit Ute and she made beautiful studio shots of us. In the next few days you will receive a tasting.
We behaved us perfectly. Our large and small businesses, we made only on the changing pad. On the many great stuff and sounds we reacted with the desired interest. Probably the modeling lies us in the blood, finally Mama had modeled with a few months for Karlie.
Of course we are much more photogenic and talented than mum.
Mittwoch der 26.November

The awesome 4 on Troublemaker Street

Thursday, 27th November 2014

After the photo shoot yesterday we had rest today. An ancillary activity as a model is exhausting. But of course, we still have kept the fridge-opener busy. Finally they should not get the idea, that we are unpretentious and well-behaved.
Today I had the honor to watch a basket outside the puppy area. I had fun with my trip. When Maya came back in her basket, she had to sniff everything. Probably she was so impressed with my scent. It may not eventually everyone have a need to wallow in parfum de excréments in the forest. I would never occur to such an outlandish idea.
Donnerstag der 27.November

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Friday, 27th November 2014

Hello, people!
After we gathered our forces yesterday, today we were the ancients. Today I had the honor to see the world outside the puppy area. Of course, I was attached to the orange snake. But as long as Carlotta's fridge-opener had it in hand, everything was fine. But back at my siblings thought Nilsson and Karlsson really, that I dance to their tune. The two have just bitten in the orange snake and it drawn. Luckily, I was quickly released, but then Mia Lotta is fallen upon me. But I fighted against her bravely.
Freitag der 28.November

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