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I told you already that I am a part-time "von der Drachenschlucht".
The explanation is a bit complicated and I climb itself is not all over. My fridge-opener is the former fridge-opener of Maya and Carlotta's fridge-opener he has also opened earlier times the fridge. - Whether I have to worry that Stefanie steal my food?
But now he is only my personal fridge-opener. We both share a fridge and I live with him in his apartment.
He made me an extra pick from the Czech Republic, because I gave him so much.
Unfortunately, my home is some distance away from Maya and Carlotta.
But I always come to visit them, sometimes even as an overnight guest.
After all they both know who wears the pants.
Surely you can keep a secret for you.
At first my goal is to wrap Maya und Carlotta around my sweet tail.
In a few months, I will revise my side sure if I've settled in properly.

Ellies Unterschrift