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On this page you can admire photos and results of our shoots for the company Karlie. We are proud to present photos of Ellie's first photo shoot and the result in Karlie newsletter.

Unterschrift von Maya und Carlotta

But now our chick Ellie gets a chance to speak:

Pride can not describe how the fridge-opener were happy about my photo in the Karlie-Newsletter.
It ought to have that be clear that I rock the shoot. My motto is the saying of a Roman general and emperor: "Veni, vidi, vici." (He came, he saw, he conquered.)
The sentence applies completely to me. We only need to change the pronoun.
After all my charm has opened the hearts of Maya and Carlotta and the fridge-opener.
But now I want you no longer in suspense. Here are the first photos of my Shooting.

Ellies Shooting

Thanks to Ute, which has placed us the great pictures of Ellie's first.
The screenshot you already know, but that everything has an order:

Karlie Newsletter

Unterschrift von Ellie